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Build Strong Programs, Make a Bigger Impact

At Rise Up Training and Consulting, we offer a variety of keynote talks, seminars, and workshops to help your organization reach its goals. Our experienced professional trainers are dedicated to helping you and your business succeed by providing customized training solutions that meet your needs. Whether it's developing an effective leadership program or a comprehensive service initiative, we have the expertise and experience to help you get the job done right. With our knowledge and commitment to excellence, Rise Up Training and Consulting will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

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Long-term sustainability is essential when considering any youth program. Our team will help you develop measurable goals and objectives while providing resources to ensure your organization remains on track toward funding stability, growth, and success.

We will guide how to design and implement a Logic Model program vision and sustainable roadmap for the effectiveness of your youth-serving program. This model is tailored to each organization’s needs, creating high transparency and a clear vision for the future.

Develop an Operational Road Map for Youth-Serving Organizations 

Who is this for?

Organizations experiencing mission drift or want to ensure clarity in what they are doing and where they are headed. The following offerings are included in the consulting process:

  • Developing/Revisiting Mission, Vision, & Values 

  • Develop a Logic Model and Theory of Change

  • SWOT analysis 

  • Strategy session with key stakeholders to understand high-level programs and processes 

60 day engagment


Connecting with Gen Z can be a real challenge in today's world and requires a different approach. They grew up in a digital age where social media is second nature and their attention span is shorter than ever. To engage with them in meaningful and impactful ways, organizations need to understand the importance of Gen Z and create strategies that resonate with their unique mindset and preferences. With this offering, you can gain valuable insights into the newest generation and develop effective ways to connect with them. 

In-Depth Learning of Gen Z and Development of Engagement Action Plan

Who is this for?

For organizations wanting to maximize their overall impact and engagement within the Gen Z community. The following are included:

  • Demographic Overview & Trends 

  • Developing an Engagement Plan ((strategic approach/frameworks, partnerships & programs, etc.)

  • Leveraging Technology for Engagement

  • Creating an Impactful Experience & Message

  • Offline & Online Engagement Tactics

  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting Strategies

90 day engagement


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Develop Effective Community & School Engagement Plan

If you're looking for impactful ways to engage with schools in your area, Rise Up T&C has got you covered! We offer customized programs and foster effective communication channels to ensure your interactions with educators and students are meaningful and memorable.

Our team works closely with you to understand your needs and objectives, tailoring our approach to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and are committed to helping you positively impact your local community. 

Who is this for?

For organizations wanting to take a collaborative approach to accomplishing their mission and vision through intentionally and effectively partnering with other like-minded and missioned community organizations and/or schools and school districts. 

Our team of experts can provide you with:

  • Strategies for building meaningful relationships with school leaders, faculty and staff, parents and students

  • Customized programs to boost engagement & community involvement

  • Guidance creating effective communication channels with local schools Timeline: 90 days

  • Create Digital Media Content for GenZ Audiences

90 day engagement


Community is an action word. It’s about power and influence, connection, encouragement, and hope. I believe in the potential of our young people. So I created this interactive talk to encourage adults to take action for youth success in their communities.

It will be a look at how we can leverage our individual and collective efforts toward positive change and social impact on our youth. From the little things we can do in our everyday lives, to big ideas that have an impact on policy and programs.

This talk will be inspiring and thought-provoking for all who attend, with practical actionable steps to help create change for the betterment of our children and communities.

Audit and Curate DEI Action Plan

Who is this for?

For organizations who find value and need in ensuring their programming and impact are accomplished through a Diversity, Equity, and InclusionI lens. This includes: 

  • DEI review of current practices, policies, and procedures 

  • Develop/Update DEI Training Protocols

  • Create Accountability & Evaluation Systems

  • Communication Strategy

  • Provide DEI resource library



90 day engagement



Book a 30-minute Consultation

Interested in our services or have any questions? Connect with Ericka by scheduling a 30-minute consultation using her Calendly linked below. 

Customer Rave

What they said

Ericka Porter is a phenomenal facilitator! Ericka's commitment and dedication to our participants was unparalleled and we couldn't have asked for a better person to lead these workshops. 
Wayne Watts, Founder, Drea
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Want to book a Session?

 We provide engaging, interactive experiences that can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Our keynote speakers are highly experienced professionals who bring real-world knowledge to their presentations. With topics ranging from leadership and growth strategies to developing effective teamwork and building resilient cultures, there is something for everyone. Contact us today to learn more!

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