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Rise Up

Training & Consulting

Helping youth-serving organizations to Rise Up and empower young people and their communities.



Something we live by, and would offer to you -

“There is no such thing as other people’s kids.”

Our youth are the guiding force to create change in our world.  Through mentoring and guidance, WE have a collective responsibility to give young people the support they need to take the lead in creating a better future for themselves and others. 


By investing in our youth today, we are helping shape a brighter tomorrow and ensure that our world can flourish for generations. 


Connect with me today to learn how I can help you create a meaningful impact for your organization.

Ericka M. Porter

Services Offered



With over 20 years of experience, we have developed workshops that help maximize resources while delivering effective results for your team.   

Our comprehensive training program includes in-person and virtual sessions to meet the needs of your team. 


Looking to encourage and inspire your team, stakeholders, or youth?  Our experienced speakers provide a dynamic and interactive talk that entertains and provides tangible action steps. From community engagement to building sustainable programs, we have speakers that can engage any audience.


Whether launching a new program or scaling an existing one, our seasoned professionals can provide custom solutions catering to your unique challenges. From system implementation to strategic planning, our team is available for consultation and guidance on all aspects of your project.

Book a 30-minute Consultation

Interested in our services or have any questions? Connect with Ericka by scheduling a 30-minute consultation. 

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Customer Rave

What they said

“Ericka Porter is a phenomenal facilitator! Ericka's commitment and dedication to our participants was unparalleled and we couldn't have asked for a better person to lead these workshops. 

Wayne Watts, Founder, Dream Create Inspire Tour

Hey there!


I created effective training sessions for staff and volunteers, equipping them with tools to better engage youth and their families.

Hi! I am Ericka,
your partne
r and facilitator.
Here is what I have been doing to help other organizations win.


Passion for serving youth is your superpower! I'm confident that together we can make an amazing and meaningful impact on your organization today. 

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